iRacing Blog – 2/24/15 NPAS Begins, Why iRacing?

The iRacing 2015 NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series (NPAS) starts tonight, Tuesday, 2/24. The top 50 iRacers will compete every other week for 16 races to become the next iRacing NASCAR Champion.

Having finished last season’s NPAS in the top 10, Justin is locked in for each of the 16 races. iRacing will use single-car qualifying to set the field for each race. Watch live starting at 9 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, 2/24, at

iRacing offers drivers an authentic real-life racing experience with laser-scanned cars and tracks. Every type of racing can be a spring-board to someday racing in one of NASCAR’s higher series. So if you watch these races and wonder why Justin is iRacing instead of real racing? It is simple: money.

Marketing is the life-blood of NASCAR. It starts in the lower tiers all the way through to the Cup Series. Teams look for “funded drivers.” Drivers who can bring companies with them for a race or for the season. It is a constant push to find companies willing to use Justin and his racing as part of their marketing budget in order for him to get back to real-world racing.

We are continually looking for companies that will invest in Justin and use him and his racing as part of their marketing plan. There are advertising opportunities through the NASCAR Whelen All American Series, the K&N series or the ARCA series. Please visit the Marketing Page for more information.

Tonight, enjoy the iRacing at Daytona – tune in at 9 p.m.