The #99 is hit from behind during caution ending his night June 26, 2012

Summer Shootout — Round 3 — We had a great car for Round 3 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Justin was able to finish 3rd in the Heat Race. The #99 started 8th for the Feature race and was running strong. It was a caution-filled race. At one point as many as 19 cars were involved in a pile-up. Justin was able to drive through the beginning of that wreck but then a little later was unintentionally spun from behind. This put the #99 in the rear of the field. During yet another caution, several cars in front of Justin came to an abrupt stop and in a chain reaction several cars bumped into each other. This would have not been a problem except for the fact that a car behind Justin trying to catch up to the field hit the #99 hard into the car in front causing extensive front-end damage that ended our race. Unfortunately, with the way our luck has been going lately, we will have to take a break from running the Summer Shootout.

Justin involved in multiple wrecks at CMS June 19, 2012

The first two rounds of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway did not start off exactly the way we had hoped. The pill draw and being able to finish well in the heat races are key to the Shootout. Good track position at the start of the feature is a huge advantage at this track. Round 1 Justin was caught up in a couple of spins but was able to finish the race in p.19 out of a 28-car field. Justin had a fast car for the Round 2 heat race but, unfortunately, was caught up in a wreck and did not finish. This meant that he would have to start in the back of the field for the Round 2 feature race. The racing is extremely close as you can see from Justin’s videos of both Round 1 and Round 2 feature races on YouTube. Justin is using two GoPro cameras, one on the front and one on the rear of the car, to give the fans some awesome views of the racing at the Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. After a last lap wreck where Justin was slammed from behind, the #99 car finished p.20 out of 32 cars. We will try again on June 26 for Round 3. Really hoping for a good pill draw and a good finish in the Heat race.

The #99 car loses the muffler during practice June 16, 2012 – Lake Erie – 2nd Semi-Pro

After having rain postpone our racing in Round 1 of the Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway last Tuesday, we traveled up to Lake Erie Speedway on Saturday, June 16. No rain threatened this race.

We did, however, have the tab on our muffler break which caused the muffler to fall off the car during the last practice run. We very much appreciate Matt Pappa’s family for letting us borrow a muffler and for helping us put it on the car in time for the Heat Race.

Justin started on the pole in the third group of the Heat races and was able to race to his first Heat Race win at Lake Erie Speedway.

After the invert, Justin started 11th out of 26 cars for the Feature race. It was some very close, fast racing. After the last caution with 6 laps remaining in the race, Justin and the #97 came across the finish line side by side racing for p. 6 and 7; with Justin edging past him for the 6th place finish; finishing 2nd in Semi-Pro Division.

We will be heading back down to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Round 1 make-up race and for Round 2 of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout. Remember to follow Justin on Twitter JustinBolton99 and using #summershootout.

The #99 running strong and then blows the engine June 2, 2012

Traveled up to Lake Erie Speedway on Saturday, June 2, for the Legend Car National Qualifier Event. There were 33 cars in attendance; 18 Semi-Pro/Young Lions and 15 Pro/Masters.

The day started out great with two good practice runs. The Semi-Pro/Young Lions were split into two heat races. Justin started last out of 9 cars in the first Heat Race and was able to charge up through to finish 2nd.

The Feature Race would have 18 cars racing for 30 laps. Justin started in the 3rd position. The beginning of the race saw several cautions. Justin spun on lap 14 but was able to keep the car from backing into the wall. Unfortunately, he had to go to the rear of the field.
With half of the laps finished, Justin had a lot of work to do to get back to the front. By lap 24, Justin had made it to position 5 when a caution came out. He was in a perfect position to get back up front to being one of the top three cars where he had started the race.
It just was not meant to happen. On the re-start, crossing the Start/Finish line, there was a huge plume of white smoke and flames from the #99. Justin’s engine had blown. With only 6 laps left in the race, Justin’s night ended. He was able to get the car stopped on the apron and get himself out of the car. It was a huge disappointment after such a strong run in the Heat race and a great run up through the field during the Feature.

Justin was credited with 13th place at the end of the night.

We will be headed down to Charlotte, NC on Monday and Tuesday, June 11 and 12, for the Summer Shootout. This is a 10-week long event running through August at the 1/4 mile oval track inside Charlotte Motor Speedway. There are currently 230 cars registered so far. Should be an awesome experience.

Justin’s first time at LES with a 3rd place Semi-Pro Division finish May 26, 2012

Great weekend of racing over the Memorial Day holiday. Traveled to Lake Erie Speedway in PA for their opening night. There were a total of 36 Legend cars and over 5800 people in attendance to watch the feature races. The track split the Legend cars into two divisions: Semi-Pro / Young Lions and Pro / Masters. There were 20 cars in the Semi-Pro / Young Lions division. Justin started the feature race in the 9th position. By the 4th lap of the feature race, Justin had moved up to 5th. After lap 5, the top 5 cars pulled away from the rest of the field. The race stayed green and Justin maintained the 5th position for the remainder of the race; finishing 3rd in the Semi-Pro Division.

On Sunday, we traveled over to Mountain Speedway in Drums, PA. There were 17 Legend cars. With this being Justin’s first time at the track, he had to start last for the heat race and for the feature race. This was an extremely rough short track and we were glad to leave there with a car in one piece. After 20 laps, Justin was able to make it up through to the 10th position; finishing 4th in the Semi-Pro Division.

It was great to be able to get back to the tracks after a couple weeks off. A huge thank you goes out to Dan Snyder for making the trip from NC to help us over the weekend.

Justin is wrecked during practice with heavy damage to the car May 12, 2012

We traveled to NC to race at Caraway Speedway on Saturday, May 12. There were 21 Legend cars at the track. During the second practice session, Justin was caught up in a wreck entering turn 1. He simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A car was sent up the track hitting Justin and sending the #99 into the wall. The #99 was heavily damaged and Justin was unable to start the race.

It was a bad break for the team; but thanks to everyone at DSR, Justin will be ready for Lake Erie Speedway over Memorial Day weekend.

Strong run at Caraway with a 4th place Semi-Pro Division finish April 14, 2012

There was a lot of competition at Caraway last Saturday, 4/14. Nineteen cars total with many of the top division point leaders.

Justin continued to increase his speed and ran his fastest qualifying time so far. With all of these experienced drivers in attendance, Justin started 9th even after taking two tenths off his time from last week.

The Legend car drivers were very impressive running a very clean race with only one late caution. Justin finished 9th overall and was 4th out of the Semi-Pro entries.

The next race will be May 12 in North Carolina before getting ready to start the season here in Pennsylvania at Lake Erie Speedway.

It has been a great start to Justin’s first season racing the Legend car. Justin is very thankful for the opportunity he has to pursue his passion to race.

Caution free race at Caraway with #99 finishing 2nd in Semi-Pro April 7, 2012

Great racing at Caraway Speedway on Saturday night. The drivers went 25 laps of green-flag racing.

Justin in the #99 ran his best qualifying time so far of 19.61 and started the race in the third position. Hitting speeds of over 95 mph, Justin came away with a 6th place finish and a 2nd place finish out of the Semi-Pro entries.

Thanks goes out to everyone at Dan Snyder Racing. Justin will be back in North Carolina next Saturday at Caraway Speedway.

Fun weekend of racing in North Carolina March 31 & April 1, 2012

Saturday Justin and the DSR team headed to Caraway Speedway. After two good practice sessions, Justin qualified 7th with a time of 19.89 seconds. At the end of the 25-lap feature race, Justin was 12th out of 19 and finished 3rd out of the Semi-Pro entries.

Justin headed to Rockingham on Sunday for the Spring Fling Series. The first race was the make-up from last weekend. Justin came away with a 4th place finish.

After practice runs and a Heat race, Justin started the feature in the third position. After the first caution, Justin was involved in an incident during the single-file restart where the first four cars hit into each other. Hated to see that happen for all drivers involved. Once the feature race got back under way, Justin finished in the 3rd position.

Overall, a great weekend of racing for Justin in the #99. Will be ready to race at Caraway Speedway again on Saturday.

Justin’s first time racing the Legend Car during Winter Heat @ Charlotte Motor Speedway

The last weekend of the Winter Heat Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway started out with a fast practice day on Friday. Saturday saw the #99 come away with a 4th place finish. The videos from the Heat and Feature Races are on the Video Page.

Sunday Justin started on the outside of the first row. #99 led three laps of the Heat race, was turned off course on the last lap and ended up finishing 3rd.

Justin had a great start in the Feature Race and was running 5th. It was the last race of the series and everyone was racing hard. #99 and #87 ended up coming into a turn side by side and neither made it out. They were both able to continue but Justin was now further back in the pack. A full course caution caused a single-file restart. At this point #99 was running in the 6th position. Justin was slammed from behind so hard as to knock the rear bumper off the car. The rule is a car cannot continue without a rear bumper and Justin had to come off the course. #99 ended up with a 10th place finish.

Overall, the Winter Heat series was a lot of fun and Justin gained so much experience in the car.

Justin finished 4th place overall in the final points standings out of 20 cars in the Semi-Pro Division of the 2012 Winter Heat Series. This is a tremendous accomplishment for this being Justin’s first time ever racing a Legend car, first time running on asphalt and first time racing on a road course.

It was a great time working with Dan Snyder Racing who provided Justin with the car setup and help at the track.

Justin will begin racing his #99 Legend car on ovals in March.