April 12, 2014 Hickory Motor Speedway 100 Lap Paramount Kia Big 10 Challenge Race

It was beautiful weather on Saturday, 4/12, for the second 100-lap Paramount Kia Big 10 Challenge race at Hickory Motor Speedway in NC. There were 26 late model cars entered in the event. Justin qualified p. 15.

At the outset of the race, the first 10 cars quickly spread out running single file. Mid-pack on back was a different story with mostly everyone doubled up. Justin did some great side by side racing running the inside line for most of the first 15 laps.

Laps 16 to 26 the drivers settled down and were running single file with Justin in p. 18. Lap 26 saw Justin begin to move forward doing again some great side by side racing until the first caution came out on lap 31. Justin had advanced to p. 15.

Lap 31 seemed to go on forever. The first re-start saw an engine let go putting oil down on the track. There were three more re-starts with three more quick cautions before they finally were able to go onto lap 32. Only the first six cars were running single-file. Everyone else was doubled up. Justin had fought his way up to p.10 when on Lap 42 he was turned coming out of turn 2. He did an amazing save to keep from hitting anything but he would re-start in the back of the field.

Racing hard on the outside now coming up through the field while running p.18 there was a huge pile up on the front stretch before the entrance to turn 1. Justin again did a great job of getting the car stopped in time before being collected in this pile up of at least 10 cars. This brought out the red flag for the clean up.

On the re-start, Justin began to move up through again on the outside. He had made it back up to p. 10 when a 30 lb. lead weight came off the car ahead of him and went through the front of the car into the radiator causing Justin to spin going into turn 1. He drove out of the spin keeping the car from hitting the wall but with the damage to the radiator he was unable to continue at Lap 57.

Very unfortunate end. This race showed excellent car control by Justin in running side by side for most of the race, for being able to make split second decisions to miss all the wrecks, to be able to drive the car out of a spin so as to not hit the wall after such an unexpected event of a lead weight flying through the front of the car, as well as the great communication from his spotter, Bobby, throughout the entire race.

The next 100-lap race will be held 4/26.

First Late Model Race Hickory Motor Speedway March 8, 2014

Saturday, March 8, was the first race of the season at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, North Carolina and was also Justin’s debut in the Lee Faulk Racing #15 Late Model. Lots of changes this season — moving from Limited Late Model to stronger horse power in the Late Model stock car and working with a new crew chief and spotter. Justin had very limited practice during the off season and then practice on Friday, 3/7, before the race was rained out. But Saturday Justin was ready to get back on the track. It had been too long since his last win in the Hickory Fall Classic 100 back in September.

There were 24 Late Models at Hickory on Saturday. The track was fast and once qualifying started you needed to come in under 15 seconds to be up front. Justin qualified with a time of 14.977 putting him in p. 9 for the start of the race.

There were only 2 cautions in this 100-lap race — lap 4 and lap 45. Justin did some excellent driving at the beginning in the pack until the cars were able to separate a little.  Justin ran p. 9 and p. 8 for most of the race trying to save tires for the end. Unfortunately, with the race going green after lap 45, there wasn’t enough time to get to the front. With 25 laps to go, Justin ran strong to take over the 7th spot and was closing in on position 6 at the checkered flag.

It was a very solid run for the first Late Model race finishing p. 7 to bring home a top 10 finish. It was great to have the opportunity to race in front of such a huge crowd for opening night. The next race will be on March 29.

Justin Bolton to Compete in ZLoop Big 10 for LFR

Denver , NC – 2/10/14 – Justin Bolton had a very successful start to his career with Lee Faulk Racing. After the first six races in a stock car Justin had accumulated 2 wins along with 3 top 5 finishes and 1 top 10 finish, including a win in the coveted Fall Classic 100 at Hickory Motor Speedway in his last race of the season for 2013.

Bolton will make the move up to late model stock this year and compete for the ZLoop Big 10 championship at Hickory Motor Speedway. Justin who is already considered a “veteran” of the team after one short year will have a few new faces to learn. Not only will he have new teammates, Kate Dallenbach and Bret Holmes, but Bolton will be working with his new crew chief, Bobby Orr, as well.

Bobby Orr, the son of one of short tracks’ great – the late Pete Orr, will work full time with LFR this year specifically with Justin Bolton as crew chief and spotter.

“We have grown every year we have been in business and we felt like it was time to surround ourselves with more great people and talent. Bobby has been close to our family my whole life and I look at him as a brother. He will fit great with our system and knows a lot about these cars. He learned from one of the best, his dad. Bobby looks at this as more than a job but also something to be proud of and he takes pride in taking a part in building LFR better than ever. I know he’s going to give Justin 110% and I feel confident that they will be contending for wins this year as well. Justin showed last season he has the natural ability to win at this level and with his work ethic and focus there is no doubt in my mind he will be successful again this season. ” team manager Michael Faulk stated about the newly formed relationship.

Some people believe that running four late model teams is too much to handle; however, LFR has a much different outlook on this. Rather than a disadvantage, the team believes being able to simulate working team conditions similar to that of a cup team will only help the drivers prepare better for what is to come as they move up the NASCAR ladder.

“From the next level on drivers will be forced to work with teammates in multi-car team situations. We try to model our business plan after those of the super powers in the big 3 NASCAR series. There will most likely not be a situation for these drivers fortunate enough to make it where they are the only driver on the team competing for the same goal. We feel that we offer an opportunity for young drivers to learn what it takes to win a championship under the pressure of a multi-car team situation. As far as I know we are the only driver development team that is structured in this way, therefore I believe this is a big advantage that our program offers over any other that will allow them a seamless transition into the next level of their career as they will be more prepared for what is to come. “ Faulk said.

Bolton finished 2013 with a win and he looks to continue his success into this season as his first ZLoop 100 lap event is the first race of the season on March 8, 2014. Bolton will also compete in the annual Fall Brawl 150, which the team also won in 2012 with driver Pietro Fittipaldi.

Justin Bolton Late Model car #15

Justin Brings Home A Strong 2nd Place Finish at Hickory Motor Speedway – 9/7/13

It had been 7 very long weeks since Justin’s last race at Hickory Motor Speedway. It did not keep Justin away from the track, though. August 16 Justin moved to NC to attend UNCC. Now living in NC, Justin is able to get to a race track every weekend whether it is to watch or whether it is to help out Lee Faulk Racing at Hickory Motor Speedway.

The weather was perfect and Justin was ready to be back in the #15 Limited Late Model.  Justin was here to go for another win.  Practice was great, the car felt good and Justin was back in the groove immediately upon jumping into the #15 car.

Saturday saw a good field of 15 Limited Late Model cars at Hickory Motor Speedway. This race was a double points race for the Limiteds due to a rain out a few weeks ago.

Saturday also brought some unwelcome conditions.  Tires were not as good as we would have liked, but Lee and Michael and the Lee Faulk Racing pit crew gave it 110% to get Justin a car in which he could compete.

Justin qualified with a 16.008 which put him lining up in position 4 for the race. The current points leaders at Hickory, Shane Lee and Landon Huffman, were also there for the win and not holding anything back starting in the 1st and 3rd positions. With double points on the line, this was an important race for these two drivers. It was just as important for Justin to run well as he only had funding for 5 regular season races this year.

The 35-lap feature started with the top 4 cars, Lee, Huffman, Bralley and Justin, breaking away from the rest of the field by a car length. Justin and Josh Bralley fought side by side for a few laps for the 3rd position. Once Justin took p. 3, he concentrated on running down Huffman for 2nd. The leader #00 Shane Lee cleared the first lap car. Right as Justin cleared the lap car and had caught up to 2nd place, the first yellow came out on lap 16.

First restart with Justin starting p. 3, would see Lee and Huffman battling side by side and Justin and Pierce side by side. By lap 18 Justin had held onto p. 3 and had caught up to Shane Lee. It was Huffman, Lee and Justin running single file with about a 3 car length lead on the rest of the field.

Lap 23 saw the second caution. Re-starting p. 3 it was a side by side battle with Shane Lee. Right as Justin was passing Lee for 2nd, there was another yellow flag. After a lengthy cleanup, the track would set the field with Justin in p. 3 for the re-start so Justin would need to battle again for the second spot.

Shane Lee and Justin battled hard again side by side. Justin claimed 2nd after about 4 1/2 laps but this had given Huffman a good 4 car length lead. Justin made up some ground on the leader in the closing laps but ran out of time before crossing the finish line in 2nd.

Justin did an amazing job, in only his 5th race in a Limited Late Model, keeping the car up front and battling with the points leaders at Hickory Motor Speedway.

Justin, like every driver that gets in a race car, wants the win. Justin also wants to be able to race with the best drivers when he enters a track. Lee Faulk Racing has made that possible this season by giving Justin a winning car capable of running up front each of these 5 races we were able to run this year.

Justin clearly gives it his all every time he gets in the #15 for Lee Faulk Racing, as you can see from the results:

            May 11            6th

            June 8              1st

            June 29            4th

            July 20             4th

            Sept. 7             2nd

Justin is consistent and had we been able to fund a full season, Justin would clearly be battling for a top spot in the points standings.

Justin is a talented driver who will be a successful marketing tool for any business that sees the importance of advertising to race fans. Justin’s next race is the Fall Classic 100 Lap Limited Late Model Race on 9/28/2013. This is a perfect opportunity for your business to try out advertising to race fans by placing your business name or website on the #15 Limited Late Model car starting at only $100.  Try it out; you just might find a perfect target audience for your business. Click here for more information.

Top 5 Finish at Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday, June 29

On Friday, June 28, Justin ran some of his fastest times during practice and the team was feeling very confident for the race on Saturday. On Saturday, after the first practice run, the team worked extremely hard switching tires around to find the best balance for the car. Justin qualified 7th out of 17 cars. Once the race started, Justin pretty much settled into the 7th position holding onto a loose car. The top 7 cars did pull away from the field by at least 3 car lengths at one point. A wreck late in the race shuffled the cars in this top 7 group. Justin crossed the finish line in the 4th position.
At the track on Saturday, we received the tires for the race. For those of you unfamiliar with the rules for the Limited Late Models, the Limiteds run on used tires. Before practice, the driver pulls a number. This number is used as their qualifying order as well as for the set of 5 tires the driver receives for the race. Some races, the tires you draw are good; other times, not so good. On Saturday, our tires were not so good. In fact, one of the tires was blistered and was not useable. Lee Faulk Racing, however, is very proficient at measuring the tires and selecting the best position for each tire on the car.
A lot of people are asking us why we run the Limiteds with the fact they run on used tires and a lot of it has to do with the luck of the draw. The experience Justin is gaining is necessary in order to continue to advance his racing career. A driver must be able to handle the car on the track whether it is evil loose, too tight, has a tire going down, or has damage. A driver is not always going to have a perfect handling car. In fact, if you ask Justin he will tell you there is no such thing as a perfect-handling race car. You can always improve something. So is it frustrating when you get to the track and find out your tires are not the best? Of course it is. But it is also good to know that Justin is part of a team that can rally and come away with a solid finish at the end of the night. He definitely learned a lot on Saturday by having to drive such a loose-handling car. Justin’s next race is Saturday, July 20. He has one more scheduled after that on August 3. We are still actively looking for marketing partners to work together to promote products and businesses. Justin would very much like to race in the Fall Classic on 9/28/2013 at Hickory Motor Speedway. This is a 100-lap race for the Limited Late Models. If you would be interested in advertising your business and/or website for this race, please call Sherri at 724-516-6325 or email at TurnLeft@AllianceRacing.net.

Justin’s Debut Limited Late Model Race – May 11, 2013

Saturday, May 11, was Justin’s debut race in the Limited Late Model at Hickory Motor Speedway. The day started out hot and sunny. The drivers were able to get in two practice runs and qualifying before the rain came. The car felt good, and Justin qualified 8th out of 20 cars for the feature. After a 3 hour rain delay, Hickory Speedway was able to dry the track and the Limited Late Models were the first race of the night. It was a 35 lap feature. With no rubber down on the track and a light rain falling, the track was slick. There were two cautions within the first 15 laps with Justin able to make it through both. The last 20 laps were run under green. Justin ran p6 these laps. The top 6 cars had a good straight-away lead over the rest of the field. Justin tried to get past the 5th place car but wasn’t able to make the pass before coming up on a lap car and the checkered flag. It was a good solid run for the first race. Thank you to everyone at Lee Faulk Racing for their hard work at the track. Justin is looking forward to the next race on June 8. Photos have been added from the weekend.

There are a lot of spots available on the car for company names. Justin is still actively seeking partners to add at least 2 more races to this season. Please contact Sherri by email at TurnLeft@AllianceRacing.net for more information.

Group Business Program from Alliance Racing, Justin Bolton

Justin is actively seeking Marketing Partners for this season. We have put together a “Group Business Program.” If we can get 40 businesses from the area to contribute a one-time donation of $250 each, or we reach our goal of $10,000, this will allow Justin two additional races to add to his schedule this season.

With enough businesses participating, we will put the names of each business on the hood of the race car and place Pennsylvania on the sides of the car to promote the idea of area businesses supporting a Pennsylvania driver racing in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. It will definitely attract attention. Justin is the only driver currently racing at Hickory Motor Speedway from Pennsylvania . We may also print Justin Bolton racing T-shirts with the names of all participating businesses to help promote your business as well as to show your business is supporting a local student’s passion for racing. Your business website, if you choose, will be linked to JustinBolton.com as well as promoted through FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube.

Please contact Sherri at TurnLeft@AllianceRacing.net or by phone at 724-516-6325.

Justin Commits to Driving Late Model for Lee Faulk Racing

We are excited to announce Justin has committed to driving five races at Lee Faulk Racing. Justin will drive a Limited Late Model at Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

After such an impressive and accomplished year in Legend Cars last season, it is time for Justin to move up to the larger weighted cars to continue his climb through the NASCAR series. The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series is the first step when racing to the top levels of NASCAR.

Surrounding yourself with good people is essential to being successful in any endeavor.

We have:

• the talent in Justin as the driver
• the 19+ years of experience and good equipment from Lee Faulk Racing
• the experience and contacts within the sport from ICON25 Motorsports Marketing

We need:

• Marketing partners to help fund an additional 10 races for the 2013 season.

Join Justin, Lee Faulk Racing and ICON25 Motorsports Marketing to increase your company’s brand awareness in the country’s #1 spectator sport.

Click here to go to our Marketing Page or contact Sherri Bolton by email at TurnLeft@AllianceRacing.net.