The #99 car loses the muffler during practice June 16, 2012 – Lake Erie – 2nd Semi-Pro

After having rain postpone our racing in Round 1 of the Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway last Tuesday, we traveled up to Lake Erie Speedway on Saturday, June 16. No rain threatened this race.

We did, however, have the tab on our muffler break which caused the muffler to fall off the car during the last practice run. We very much appreciate Matt Pappa’s family for letting us borrow a muffler and for helping us put it on the car in time for the Heat Race.

Justin started on the pole in the third group of the Heat races and was able to race to his first Heat Race win at Lake Erie Speedway.

After the invert, Justin started 11th out of 26 cars for the Feature race. It was some very close, fast racing. After the last caution with 6 laps remaining in the race, Justin and the #97 came across the finish line side by side racing for p. 6 and 7; with Justin edging past him for the 6th place finish; finishing 2nd in Semi-Pro Division.

We will be heading back down to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Round 1 make-up race and for Round 2 of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout. Remember to follow Justin on Twitter JustinBolton99 and using #summershootout.