2/23/16 -NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series Daytona International Speedway

Round 1 out of 16 races for the iRacing 2016 NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series was last night 2/23/2016 at Daytona. Justin was on the Pole for the start of 100 laps around the superspeedway. He led the first 10 laps and stayed within the top 10 throughout the majority of the race until lap 81. The first caution flew on lap 52. Justin came in for tires and fuel. Lap 81 saw the cars at the front of the field including Justin pit for tires and fuel during green flag pit stops. Cycling back around teammate Cody Byus and Justin were leading the pack that would gain control of the race once the other cars went in for fuel. However, none of those cars came in gambling on fuel and Justin’s pack was left running in the back when the last caution of the race came out causing a GWC to the end. On the restart, there was a pile up with Justin finishing in p. 23. Definitely not a finish that showed how strong of a run he had during most of the race. You can watch the race on YouTube here. The next race will be at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series Daytona 2/23/16

iRacing Blog – 3/3/15 NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series Daytona

The first race of the iRacing NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series was last Tuesday, 2/24, for 100 laps at Daytona. Justin is part of the team Cody Byus Racing (CBR). After qualifying, the entire field of 43 cars was less than 1/10 of a second off each other’s times for the start of the race. Justin started in the back of the field but by lap 11 had worked his way to the front. Justin and teammate Cody Byus were running in the top 5 by lap 15. They remained at the front of the field until lap 67. A car was turned from the outside line and crossed over in front of Justin in the inside line. Justin’s #36 car sustained heavy front-end damage; and even though Justin was able to continue, the car was not competitive. There were five cautions throughout the race. Justin finished p. 16. Here is the link to the race:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUpIqxr3pY.

Also announced last Tuesday, 2/24, iRacing and FansChoice.tv will be working together to provide broadcasts of the NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series and the NASCAR iRacing Class B Series every Tuesday night during this 2015 season.

“It’s exciting to be running the NPAS with the best sim racers. It takes a lot of time and effort to get this far. With more and more partners coming on board to broadcast the races hopefully all of this will help to get back in a real-world car.”