Three Days of Racing in North Carolina – 10/5/12 – 10/7/12

Friday Justin raced at Concord Speedway for the second time. He had a great qualifying run and started the feature in the 2nd position. Ran most of the feature on the bumper of the 81 car and finished in 3rd.

Saturday we went over to Caraway Speedway in Sophia , NC . Justin qualified 3rd and after the pill draw started the feature in the 5th position. Once the race started, we could tell the car was not handling well. It was a difficult 25 laps but Justin was able to hang on and finish 5th overall and 4th in the Semi-Pro division.

Sunday Justin went back to Concord Speedway for the last points race of the 2012 season. The races from Saturday night had rained out and had to be made up on Sunday. This caused the drivers to have to draw pills for starting positions rather than run qualifying laps. Of course, Justin drew the highest pill and started the feature in the last position. Justin’s car was very fast and he had made it up to position 4 when contact with 71 knocked the #99’s bumper loose. DSR was able to repair the bumper but Justin then had to go to the rear of the field. Again contact was made with a slower car in front and this ended Justin’s night. Justin was credited with a 6th place finish. Videos of all three races are on the Videos Page.

Caraway Speedway , NC — 09/15/2012

The weather was perfect this past Saturday at Caraway Speedway in NC. Thirteen Legend car drivers chose Caraway for their Saturday night racing. Justin had a good handling car, but couldn’t quite find the same speed we had in practice last week. The #99 qualified fourth quickest but had to start the feature race in the sixth position due to the fact we won the last time at the track. At the start of the feature Keven Wood and Austin Thompson pulled away. Justin battled J. Osborne, Austin Osborne, and Adam Burton for most of the race. These four drivers were inches apart and ran a caution-free race. On lap 18 Justin had the third position but contact from behind resulted in Justin falling back to p6. He was able to stay in it and came across the finish line side by side with Austin Osborne with Justin taking 5th overall and 2nd in the Semi-Pro division. A solid finish and a good night of racing with everyone at DSR.

Justin Credited with First Overall Win – August 12, 2012

Caraway Speedway — We made a last minute decision to drive down to NC at 7 a.m. Sunday morning to get to the speedway by 3 p.m.  So glad we did. It was a hot, sunny day at Caraway. After qualifying and the pill draw, Justin started p3 for the feature race. The DSR cars started the inside line with Keven Wood on the pole, Justin in p3 and Joe Ryan in p5.  Justin was able to get to the front with Keven Wood close behind moving away from the field. There was a caution on Lap 9. Justin was able to stay out front but Austin Thompson started closing in. Lap 19 Austin was able to get around Justin but Justin was able to stay on his bumper. They had to race around lap cars on the final lap and Justin came away with a close 2nd and a 1st in the Semi-Pro division. After tech inspection, Austin Thompson was found illegal and Justin was credited with his first overall win. A huge thank you to Dan Snyder Racing for getting the car ready for Caraway at the last minute.

Justin gets his first win in the Semi-Pro Division at Caraway Speedway July 4, 2012

It was a very hot July 4th at Caraway Speedway. Track temperature was an incredible 142 degrees. Justin qualified 2nd fastest with Keven Wood taking the Pole Award.

Before the Feature Races, Caraway Speedway gave the fans a chance to come down on the track for an autograph session with the drivers.

After the pill draw with the top 6 qualifiers, Justin lined up 4th for the Feature Race. The top 6 cars quickly pulled away and it was some very fast, clean racing for 25 laps. It was a caution-free race. Justin in the #99 and Austin Osborne in the #33 traded places back and forth for the third position. On the last lap, Justin was able to pass the #33 and cross the finish line in 3rd. See the photos page for pictures of Justin in victory lane.

This was his best finishing position so far this season and Justin’s first Semi-Pro division win. Dan Snyder Racing gave Justin a great handling car to drive. Justin’s next race will be Saturday, June 7, at Lake Erie Speedway.

Justin is wrecked during practice with heavy damage to the car May 12, 2012

We traveled to NC to race at Caraway Speedway on Saturday, May 12. There were 21 Legend cars at the track. During the second practice session, Justin was caught up in a wreck entering turn 1. He simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A car was sent up the track hitting Justin and sending the #99 into the wall. The #99 was heavily damaged and Justin was unable to start the race.

It was a bad break for the team; but thanks to everyone at DSR, Justin will be ready for Lake Erie Speedway over Memorial Day weekend.

Strong run at Caraway with a 4th place Semi-Pro Division finish April 14, 2012

There was a lot of competition at Caraway last Saturday, 4/14. Nineteen cars total with many of the top division point leaders.

Justin continued to increase his speed and ran his fastest qualifying time so far. With all of these experienced drivers in attendance, Justin started 9th even after taking two tenths off his time from last week.

The Legend car drivers were very impressive running a very clean race with only one late caution. Justin finished 9th overall and was 4th out of the Semi-Pro entries.

The next race will be May 12 in North Carolina before getting ready to start the season here in Pennsylvania at Lake Erie Speedway.

It has been a great start to Justin’s first season racing the Legend car. Justin is very thankful for the opportunity he has to pursue his passion to race.

Caution free race at Caraway with #99 finishing 2nd in Semi-Pro April 7, 2012

Great racing at Caraway Speedway on Saturday night. The drivers went 25 laps of green-flag racing.

Justin in the #99 ran his best qualifying time so far of 19.61 and started the race in the third position. Hitting speeds of over 95 mph, Justin came away with a 6th place finish and a 2nd place finish out of the Semi-Pro entries.

Thanks goes out to everyone at Dan Snyder Racing. Justin will be back in North Carolina next Saturday at Caraway Speedway.

Fun weekend of racing in North Carolina March 31 & April 1, 2012

Saturday Justin and the DSR team headed to Caraway Speedway. After two good practice sessions, Justin qualified 7th with a time of 19.89 seconds. At the end of the 25-lap feature race, Justin was 12th out of 19 and finished 3rd out of the Semi-Pro entries.

Justin headed to Rockingham on Sunday for the Spring Fling Series. The first race was the make-up from last weekend. Justin came away with a 4th place finish.

After practice runs and a Heat race, Justin started the feature in the third position. After the first caution, Justin was involved in an incident during the single-file restart where the first four cars hit into each other. Hated to see that happen for all drivers involved. Once the feature race got back under way, Justin finished in the 3rd position.

Overall, a great weekend of racing for Justin in the #99. Will be ready to race at Caraway Speedway again on Saturday.