June 28, 2014 Paramount Kia Big 10 Challenge Race Hickory Motor Speedway

There were 23 cars entered on Saturday, 6/28, for the 7th race of the Paramount Kia Big 10 Challenge series at Hickory Motor Speedway. It was a night of side by side battles and 3-wide racing. Justin and the other drivers of the late models that night showed off their talent behind the wheel.

Early in the race Justin and track champion Austin McDaniel would battle side by side for several laps. At the halfway point after the second caution, the driving became way more intense. Twice Justin was 3-wide into turn 3 with all cars making it through. The third and final caution of the night happened at lap 63. The 3-wide racing continued with Justin, Austin McDaniel and the #82 showing again their talent and the respect to drive each other clean. Coming out of turn 4 Justin would be in the center with the #82 coming high on the outside and the #12 of Austin McDaniel on the inside. They stayed 3-wide down the front stretch and into turn 1 with all cars making it out of turn 2 and continuing to the end. Justin crossed the finish line p. 11. The next race will be Saturday, July 19.

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