Top 5 Finish at Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday, June 29

On Friday, June 28, Justin ran some of his fastest times during practice and the team was feeling very confident for the race on Saturday. On Saturday, after the first practice run, the team worked extremely hard switching tires around to find the best balance for the car. Justin qualified 7th out of 17 cars. Once the race started, Justin pretty much settled into the 7th position holding onto a loose car. The top 7 cars did pull away from the field by at least 3 car lengths at one point. A wreck late in the race shuffled the cars in this top 7 group. Justin crossed the finish line in the 4th position.
At the track on Saturday, we received the tires for the race. For those of you unfamiliar with the rules for the Limited Late Models, the Limiteds run on used tires. Before practice, the driver pulls a number. This number is used as their qualifying order as well as for the set of 5 tires the driver receives for the race. Some races, the tires you draw are good; other times, not so good. On Saturday, our tires were not so good. In fact, one of the tires was blistered and was not useable. Lee Faulk Racing, however, is very proficient at measuring the tires and selecting the best position for each tire on the car.
A lot of people are asking us why we run the Limiteds with the fact they run on used tires and a lot of it has to do with the luck of the draw. The experience Justin is gaining is necessary in order to continue to advance his racing career. A driver must be able to handle the car on the track whether it is evil loose, too tight, has a tire going down, or has damage. A driver is not always going to have a perfect handling car. In fact, if you ask Justin he will tell you there is no such thing as a perfect-handling race car. You can always improve something. So is it frustrating when you get to the track and find out your tires are not the best? Of course it is. But it is also good to know that Justin is part of a team that can rally and come away with a solid finish at the end of the night. He definitely learned a lot on Saturday by having to drive such a loose-handling car. Justin’s next race is Saturday, July 20. He has one more scheduled after that on August 3. We are still actively looking for marketing partners to work together to promote products and businesses. Justin would very much like to race in the Fall Classic on 9/28/2013 at Hickory Motor Speedway. This is a 100-lap race for the Limited Late Models. If you would be interested in advertising your business and/or website for this race, please call Sherri at 724-516-6325 or email at