One 4-letter word sums up this weekend — RAIN March 24 – 25, 2012

Racing at South Boston Speedway on Saturday was canceled due to weather. Their make-up date has yet to be determined.

Racing at Caraway Speedway for Sunday was also postponed due to weather. We will travel back down to NC next weekend to run Caraway on Saturday, 3/31.

The sun did come out for awhile on Saturday afternoon but other race tracks in the area were also forced to cancel due to heavy rains coming in on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, we traveled a little further east to Rockingham hoping to get away from the rain. Justin was able to get two practice sessions in and ran his first qualifying laps.

While the Semi-Pro division was on the track for the feature, the rain started and it continually got worse with heavy rain and lightning. The race was stopped early and has been re-scheduled for next Sunday.

Justin will head down south again next weekend for racing on Saturday and double races on Sunday. Hoping for some sunshine.

Photos have been added to the photo page. Be sure to look at the video page for a video of Justin’s first qualifying session as well as the video from the feature in the rain before they ended the race early.

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