Setback at South Boston Speedway – August 18, 2012

SoBo — We traveled to Virginia early Friday morning for practice at South Boston Speedway that afternoon. Saturday was a National Qualifier race. After the first practice on Saturday, the rear housing on the car broke. DSR was able to replace the housing in time to get the #99 car out for the second and final practice. Justin qualified p. 6 out of 20 cars. On lap 2 of the feature race, #14 came into turn 1 way too fast losing control of his car and slammed into Justin sending him hard into the outside wall. The car was severely damaged and our night ended. Huge disappointment and a very costly weekend for the #99. Instead of racing at Charlotte during the last round of the Summer Shootout, we headed back to PA.


Justin Wins Semi-Pro Division After Rain Delay – August 11, 2012

Lake Erie Speedway — It was a long night at Lake Erie Speedway with a 3 hour rain delay, but it was worth the wait. Justin started in the fifth position for the heat race and finished a strong 2nd place. This put him in p7 for the start of the feature race. After a  caution involving 4 cars on Lap 1, the #99 restarted in p4. He quickly moved up to 2nd place with Matt Pappa running first. A caution on lap 12, though, brought the field back together. Justin had to give up the second position for a few laps to make sure he kept ahead of another Semi-Pro driver running fourth. The last five laps of the race saw Justin and Debrakeleer battling hard side by side for the second spot. They came across the line side by side with Justin taking 3rd overall and 1st in the Semi-Pro division.

Justin Credited with First Overall Win – August 12, 2012

Caraway Speedway — We made a last minute decision to drive down to NC at 7 a.m. Sunday morning to get to the speedway by 3 p.m.  So glad we did. It was a hot, sunny day at Caraway. After qualifying and the pill draw, Justin started p3 for the feature race. The DSR cars started the inside line with Keven Wood on the pole, Justin in p3 and Joe Ryan in p5.  Justin was able to get to the front with Keven Wood close behind moving away from the field. There was a caution on Lap 9. Justin was able to stay out front but Austin Thompson started closing in. Lap 19 Austin was able to get around Justin but Justin was able to stay on his bumper. They had to race around lap cars on the final lap and Justin came away with a close 2nd and a 1st in the Semi-Pro division. After tech inspection, Austin Thompson was found illegal and Justin was credited with his first overall win. A huge thank you to Dan Snyder Racing for getting the car ready for Caraway at the last minute.

Fastest car in practice for Round 8 of Summer Shootout August 7, 2012

Charlotte Motor Speedway — Justin was the fastest car during practice for Round 8 of the Summer Shootout but then storms on Tuesday postponed the races until next week.

Justin Attends LegendStock at Bethel Motor Speedway Finishes 4th Overall, 2nd Semi-Pro August 4, 2012

Legendstock at Bethel Motor Speedway was held Saturday, August 4. At least forty cars attempted to make the final 24 for the Feature race. After issues with the #99 car during practice, Justin qualified 10th. Once qualifying was finished, all cars were divided into 8-car heats. Justin started 6th and finished 3rd in the heat race. Points were given for qualifying and the heat race and the top 18 cars were automatically entered into the feature. The remaining 6 cars came from the C-Main and B-Main races. Justin started 9th for the Feature race. The #99 had moved up to p5 but was spun and had to start in the rear at p19. Justin raced up through the field to p8. The Feature was supposed to be 50 laps but due to time the race was shortened to 25 laps. There were three GWC. Each GWC, Justin gained a position. He finished 5th overall and 2nd in the Semi-Pro division. After tech, one car was DQed which gave Justin 4th overall; still 2nd in the Semi-Pro division.

Justin’s second 1st Place finish in Semi-Pro Division at Lake Erie Speedway July 28, 2012

We traveled north on Saturday, July 28, to Lake Erie Speedway. Dan Snyder Racing gave Justin a great handling car for the night. Justin started 2nd in the first Heat and quickly took the lead to win his 4th heat of the season at Lake Erie. The #99 lined up in the 4th starting position for the Feature race. After an early caution on lap 1, Justin lined up third for the re-start. Justin ran 3rd right on the bumper of #39 for most of the race until lap 19 when he was finally able to get around him for the 2nd spot. Justin was in the process of catching the leader in the midst of several lap cars when there was a caution with two cars in the wall on the last lap which froze the field.  Justin finished 2nd overall and 1st in the Semi-Pro division. Visit to read their write-up of the Legend Car feature race from Saturday. Justin heads down south for Round 7 of the Jack-in-the-Box Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway for practice on Monday and racing on Tuesday, July 31.

Justin dominates at Anderson but misses out on the win on the last turn July 20-24, 2012

This past weekend we traveled down south to race at Anderson Motor Speedway, Caraway Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Anderson Motor Speedway — A National Qualifier race was held on Friday, July 20, at Anderson Motor Speedway in South Carolina . There was a lot of good competition. Dan Snyder Racing had the #99 Legend car dialed in perfect. Justin started the feature in the 7th position and was able to quickly get to the front. Once out front, Justin gained a significant lead on the field and led the race until the last 5 laps when there was a caution. On the restart Justin was able to stay out front and lead the field until another caution came out. Again, Justin was able to stay out front until yet another caution. This extended the race and they had to run a green, white, checker. On the last turn of the last lap of the race, Justin and the second place car made contact and both cars spun allowing the rest of the field to get by. This was the second National Qualifier that ended in disappointment for Justin; the first being at Lake Erie Speedway when the engine blew towards the end of the race. We will try again for another National Qualifier at Legendstock in New York in a couple of weeks.

Caraway Speedway — Race was called due to weather on Saturday, July 21.

Charlotte Motor Speedway — On Tuesday, July 24, was Round 6 of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout. After having to take a few weeks off from the Shootout for financial reasons, Justin was ready to be back. Dan Snyder Racing worked at getting the car set during practice on Monday. The #99 ran all of the practices in the top 10. On Tuesday, Justin finished 4th in the heat putting him in the 7th starting position for the feature race. The race ran green for the first 8 laps allowing Justin to move up to the 4th position. After the first caution during the “choose,” the cars in front of Justin all chose the inside line. This gave Justin the perfect opportunity to get to the front by choosing the outside line for the restart. It was a great restart with Justin running second when a driver three cars back decided to push the car in front of him into the turn spinning that car into the car behind Justin who then hit Justin’s car spinning the #99 to the infield. There were a good many number of cars spun during this caution. Justin had minimum damage and was able to continue but had to start in the rear of the field. With only 10 laps remaining in the race, Justin made a very wise decision to ride around in the back to protect the car from any more damage. Justin finished the race in position 18 and, more importantly, finished with a car in one piece ready to try again next week for Round 7.

Brake issues cause problems for the #99 at Lake Erie Speedway July 14, 2012

On Saturday, July 14, the rain stayed away at Lake Erie Speedway but, unfortunately, so did the handling of the #99 car. We struggled through practice with a leaking left rear tire. Justin was able to come up through to finish 2nd in the Heat race. Due to the invert, he started the feature in the 8th position. Justin did some hard racing during the feature, but did not have the best handling car to get up to the front. Finished in the 8th position and 4th in the Semi-Pro division.